Differentiate Yourself.

Program Benefits

Your relationship with your clients is critical to your continued success. How an organization engages with a client during a crisis can be your indicator whether the relationship continues.

Data recovery is an often neglected extension of customer service and support. Ignore the data recovery services opportunity and your customers may later ignore you.

Take advantage of the CBL Data Recovery Advantage today!

Generate Incremental Revenue and Profit

Earn incremental revenue without incurring market development costs or investing in capital expenditures.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Data recovery complements your primary offering and clearly demonstrates your strength and understanding of the total cost of ownership. Bring to your prospects' and clients' attention other factors that your competitors have ignored.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Serve as your clients’ single point of contact to replace or repair their data storage media as well as to provide an established process for data recovery. Minimize your clients’ downtime and maximize your value with CBL’s proven procedures which result in the expedient recovery of their most valuable asset, their data.

Strengthen Customer Relations

Eliminate the need for your clients to seek alternative suppliers of data recovery services. Be your clients’ single source for their IT needs.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Provide a safety net to your customers with a proactive data recovery solution. Many businesses may not be familiar with data recovery services. When the need for data recovery occurs, your customer will thank you for facilitating the recovery of their data that they thought was permanently lost.

Leverage Your Core Business

Create a more comprehensive service offering that complements your current products and services portfolio. Integrate data recovery services into your extended warranty, support or service agreements.

Maintain Client Control

Increase your clients’ reliance on your organization and erase the potential threat of your competitors acquiring your customers.

For more details on the CBL Data Recovery Advantage Partner Program, contact the CBL Business Development Team.

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